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Verseatile – 5AM In L.A. Lyrics

Verseatile – 5AM In L.A. Lyrics (Remix)

They say life is but a dream, but in this dream I feel like waking up
‘Cuz fantasies will rarely happen, nightmares mostly taking up
My vision, my decisions never undergo revisions
That’s why my regrets have left a wound, an open cut incision
I’m living like an alcoholic Walker feeling like the Dead
Thought the cure to end it all was taking “shots to the head”
Misled and misinformed, Big K, I miss him more
My only friend to pass away, RIP, bless his soul
Rapping didn’t happen ‘cuz nobody wanna see me fly
At 107.5 W-G-C-I
Now the biggest star in the whole world’s a Korean
I knew that we had talent, now the whole world’s agreeing
A gentleman with swag, but I thought that was my persona
Now I wish upon him downfall like Sodom and Gomorrah
I’m just tripping, I shouldn’t even be writing due to lack of sleep
I had a couple drinks, but come to think, it’s kinda deep…
Yeah I had a couple drinks, but come to think, it’s kinda deep…
Hahah let me get back to my focus though
Even though this ain’t my birthplace, I pray that God would use L.A.
To shake the nation up like in the ’94 earthquake
I’ve come to love this city, and I’ve come to love the people
But I’ve also come to recognize the damage done by evil
But greater things have yet to come, I’m trying to wait well
Cuz Love came down more than a way to escape hell
Took upon death to know you, gave up His breath to show you
The Glory of it all is far beyond what touches soil
The road is narrow but the journey’s not a lonely one
I wanna share this Peace with you, I promise you will owe me none
And if you get it, then you get it and own it
But if you don’t, I pray you’re feeling something right at this moment
Yeah it’s so contagious, I know people start to ask about it
It’s what my faith is, and there is no need to mask around it
Moment of clarity, I’ll add something else
That whatever I have shared, I ministered to myself
Being complacent and my laziness is gone
is it because I’m in the last of my 20’s, I feel it strong
For my drive to be in full gear, motivation back in tact
Got a band to back me up, feeling like the Zack Attack
My time is coming, and I feel it really near
I’ve been holding back for so long, but was it really fear
Nah, it’s cuz I know the purpose of my life in music now
It ain’t about me so He granted me to use it now
My little story is just pointing to His bigger story
What He’s been doing for me, this is why I give Him glory
He put the pieces of the puzzle together
I was never left alone even thru stormiest weathers
Make it rain, take the pain, wash away, down the drain
Then we say and we pray, thank you Lord for this day
I hope you understand that it’s never too late to leave your sorrows
You make that choice today, I promise a better tomorrow.

(Original by Drake)