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Vanze ft. Brenton Mattheus – Forever Lyrics

Vanze ft. Brenton Mattheus – Forever Lyrics

I see the light inside you
Brighter than the skies
Hold on just let us escape
And fly away tonight

We have the world in our side
When I know together we’ll be alright
When you sleep forever we will go

We are forever learning
One step at a time
As long as the world is turning
I’ll be by your side

We’ll keep the fire burning
I’ll never see you hurt (I’ll never see)
You know I can’t explain it
In a way of words

We both know that you’ll understand
And you’ll see if you take my hand
And I’ll go out of my own way
For you
For you
I’ll go
Out of my own way

Thanks Sayan Das for correcting these lyrics

  • Sayan Das

    I’ll never see you hurt.