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Rezonate – Canvas Lyrics

Rezonate – Canvas Lyrics

Tuning out of star-light, the innocent lifetime flickers and flashes onto a canvas. But no, nobody seems worth it

And while the feeling’s sophisticated, the view is so restrained. The past is nearing closer, and closer I fear.

So let’s just cut the bullshit, and tell me who’s independent. Thumbs twiddling’ and your life’s escaping your mind.

Keep In mind, well the air ain’t as free as it used to be but that’s quite alright while you’re still eighteen

It seems, to be, and I’ll tell you who’s overrated. What’s a beautiful person with some hideous dreams?

And while the lining isn’t silver, we’re verging on the side of the road, that’ll take us home.

The edge of us is getting weighed, read about your life in your local papers.

Realize, the end of us is getting near, you’re just a droplet of paint trickled off your canvas.

Delirious, illusions flowing backwards through the river of colour while we analyze to try to see it clearer. Secretly appealing to a lonely prisoner. Now what’s your vision?

Initiate your shading, blend the universe together in time it only gets a little easier. Suddenly you piece yourself back together. Now what’s your vision?

And I don’t wanna have to give a damn about you or your inhibitions.

After all, you’re the one who taught me love was not for every body.

However, I’m starting to see this world in the right light, yet still gets darker.

You see, it’s just a simple symphony, or a painting? Whatever

This unnatural path, it spans infinitely, but my world is crumbling.

Let it collapse into the abyss, in the midst of summer it won’t exist.

This emptiness, it’s just a blank slate, waiting for a painter to interfere.

It’s quite complex, but what do I know?