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Periphery – The Scourge Lyrics

Periphery – The Scourge Lyrics

As I sit with eyes heavy, omen’s clear
Face down in seclusion, the evil steer
What drives the stake within my heart
This man he fell apart

Now that the entrance is open wide
This black all around makes it’s way inside
What have you done? Will hate abide?
Where is my death invitation? Elation?

Dead glimpse lurking beneath this prison, I
I give my life for a taste of
Taste of
What lies beyond the dead place now
Fire burns rising beneath these sins in time
I leave my life for the void

I have not tried

I will survive
Collapsed ceilings above drop rage upon them
Raging upon them
Stone cold fists and a memory run in on the blunt end of a blade
The blood that is spilled shall start my serenade
To you

I will survive
I will survive