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MC Jin, J-Reyez, Jargon, Lil Crazed & Rob Campman – A Train Cypher Lyrics

MC Jin, J-Reyez, Jargon, Lil Crazed & Rob Campman – A Train Cypher Lyrics

Everything ain’t always what it seems, confession
This ain’t a cypher, it’s inception
We just living out our dreams, check my DNA
You’ll see I’m truly a different being
I ha-too, in my pockets cause spitting is in my jeans
Questions remain, is he alive, where he been
Last we heard he was in China, rap game Jeremy Lin
Either they love me to death, or can’t stand that I survive
But the truth is, our passion just can’t be denied
Stereo-typically, math is our subject, this is history
“Best Asian rapper alive,” man that title don’t exist to me
Look in the room, I don’t see threats or competition
This is not divide and conquer, nah we’re on the same mission
I’m allergic to the spotlight, make triumph out of tragedy
You the star lord, we just Guardians of the Galaxy
I am Groot!

Jin just set the cypher, somebody get their lighters
Cause it’s about to get brighter, there’s gasoline set the fire
I won’t get a knife but I will cut you out and check your life, yup
Invest in a stair master, you need to step your life up
You thinking that you’re so fly
You’d probably care after
But you dare attack me, I will extinct you like a pterodactyl
We move to another chapter, the funerals of the chapel
You’re fruity like an apple, [?] backwards
You pop ass rappers I’ll snap you without crackle
I’m all natural so don’t mind if I down a Snapple
You save up to buy swag, name brands with price tags
Bury you beneath the Louis store, so wave up the white flags
They all wondering who it’s for, shoveling news by the door
I won’t lose, not anymore, cause I too, time before
This is war they see the gore
Clean the blood mopping the floor
Walking dead, dropping your corpse
Your life you don’t got anymore

Okay, captain obvious
I know you bout to point out that I’m on some John Gottiish
Probably oughta be up on some Bruce Lee and karateish but that’s not on my laundry list
I get paid to rap, you do not, you’re a hobbyist
There’s level to this ish
Levels to this ish
That’s why I’m in the penthouse while you still up in the lobby
I’ll attach your bag of molly to the back of a Somalian
Cops won’t have to catch your tracks, starve before the party end
Might just buy a car just to stash another body in
Bullets rushing scout, head triggered like a bobby pin
Find me in the line of prosecutors, be like “Not again!”
All them Asians look alike, you probably think I got a twin
Find out where your mama live, and I’ma bring [?] in
I’ma bring a half black and Armenian army in
So go and check the trunk, on any fucking car in
And best believe it be 2K’s
Ain’t talking about Omarian

Minnesota Native
Underrated but favored
Motivated by haters cause I’m going places they can’t
Created by a savior and for that I’m praying amen
But this food chain ain’t vacant so lord I’m still preying on they men
Father I’m not patient, forgive me for my actions
But either I go hard or go home, and I don’t plan on packing
My brand is too active
My man’s is two family
Still be hungry and buddy this money has got me too attracted
Young, driven, in charge
Got these women into my car
The club delivering bars, feels like I’m just living large
Get treated like we stars, can’t believe what we become
Like graffiti on the walls, all should tag along
I, work hard so I play too
It’s my job, I get paid too
I’m 5’5″, feel 8’2″, cause I’m riding high and I make moves
Got K.I.D my team go hard, [?] but we gon ball
Businessmen, tuxedos on
So we go hard or we go home

I’m back like an addict
Back for the fix ain’t nothing like it
Headphone and this microphone ain’t nothing like it
Throw on a beat get loose, unleash the beast on ‘em
These beats I eat ‘em up, you see I like to freeze on ‘em
Call me a cannibal Mr. Hannibal Lecter
Better yet call me Mr. Pho O seven that’s my [?]
Rep for the city rep for the block I rep for my county
Rep for these sorry motherfucker that will fulfill the bounty
I rep for my Asians, always, I’m one of them
Blacks and Latinos they hip hop I fuck with them
All the people who just listen ‘cause they love the music
Truth is it’s the same love the reason I even do it
Speak from the heart from my mind from deep in my soul
These haters I step on ‘em, find ‘em deep in my soles
My head high stand tall hold out this position
Really ain’t no competition, I ain’t worried out opposition
I feel like Jordan the day he dropped that [?] nigga
I have a feeling like a baseball playa caught in a pickle
I have a feeling like Katrina was just a little drizzle
Have a feeling like tsunami was just a little ripple
Survival mentality I get it from my mom I guess
Some of y’all live to hustle some of y’all hustle to live
I’m a grown ass man look I ain’t fucking with kids
‘Round my way we call it little ass [?]
I’m chasing that good life that all American dream
I’m chasing that spot on the [?] on an all American team
See we chasing that good life that all American dream
We chasing that spot on the [?] on an all American team