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  • Jess Blakely

    We’ve been over, down before, but still we pulled it back
    And nothing’s ever come between us, not like this has
    No, our love hasn’t spoken for so long
    And my head’s telling my soul to move on
    But I’ve resigned myself to being the one for you
    So I just can’t let go, I’d…

    Rather be restless
    Oh baby, I don’t wanna leave

    Back and forth and round in circles
    Searching common ground
    But love was not the problem
    You know we’re too proud
    But oceans, rivers, thunderstorms I cried
    Time will pass just like our foolish pride
    But I can’t walk away, God know I tried
    I know, this thing will pass in time

    I’d rather be restless
    Do you feel me baby?