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Eppic – Ain’t It Fun Lyrics

Eppic – Ain’t It Fun Lyrics (Remix)

You ready?
Yeah, yeah, uh,

you’re probably wondering
when will life ease up?
At max capacity before you self-destruct
The tongues that have forsaken you
say you will amount to nothing,
Maybe they’re right, and ain’t it fun?
Life has swung multiple axes and chainsaws at you,
But you refuse to timber.
Being batten and bruised,
Driving for miles and miles,
Every journey [?] hardships, go figure

The pressure’s weight, its excruciating
The endless onslaught, your spirit’s breaking.
You weren’t ambitious,
Reverting to bad habits,
You might snap,
You’re not conditioned for these gymnastics

So what’s it gunna be?
It’s bitter sweet
Begging God to intervene
Laying in the river, swept away by the stream
Stand up, just to be struck down.
The show ain’t over, why you taking a bow?

You can allow these moments to define you,
You fall over, there was no one in sight
Running at a dead-out sprint,
Whoever said ‘if there’s a will, there’s a way’, better be right
It’s unbearable, brutal, you might combust,
You can be trampled by a stampede of rhinoceros
To a sludge hammer, you’re concrete
Been a while since your mind’s at peace

You wanted to escape, Houdini,
Could really use a wish right now,
Just your luck, you bought a magic lamp without a genie
Give up on what has given your life meaning
Tell yourself, hoping you’ll [?] euphoria
And you’ll discover some hidden utopia
Hate to break it to ya,
sadly your wardrobe isn’t a gateway to Narnia

The magnitude is difficult to stomach,
Don’t go crying to your momma as soon as it gets rugged
Two punches and one kick in the gut will knock the wind outta ya, ain’t it fun?
See ya tighten your boxing gloves up, or tap out
Rocky Balboa [?] to the final round
Ran low on stamina to weather the storm,
Brace yourself for a rainy downpour

There’s no place like home,
Most [?] alone
With no yellow brick road to follow.
Prepare for battle, it’s colossal
Welcome to the real world,
On today’s menu, heartache and gelato
The symbol of strength hangs from your necklace,
Life can be cruel and relentless,
Pieces don’t always fall into place like Tetris,
Living pay check to pay check,
some days you can only afford breakfast.
You were told to take risks, to take chances,
But you’re a bad gambler.
Never seen you defeated so easily,
What happened to you?
You always held yourself together

Pull yourself together, remember your father’s lectures,
Part of you continues to dream for greener pastures,
Thanks to your family and loved ones,
You’re reminded the best is yet to come.

Ain’t it fun
Ain’t it fun
Baby, now you’re one of us
Ain’t it fun
Ain’t it fun

Ain’t it fun
Ain’t it fun living in the real world
Ain’t it good, ain’t it good being all alone

Ain’t it fun living in the real world
(‘Cause the world don’t orbit around you)
Ain’t it good, ain’t it good being all alone (oh)

Thanks Jesse Aubin for submitting these lyrics

(Original by Paramore )