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Derez - Hot Nigga (G-Mix)

Bloggers talkin' gangsta like they shmurderers
Run nigga, make you dash down your Tumble-r
See that lincolon parked down the street, I been numb before
Your bitch everybody Twitter bae, you in love with her
Photoshoot with a butterface, I'll body em
You got it on lock.. I got the bobby pin
He Vietnamese, his last name is prolly Nguyen
Slow it down, cus I ain't Thai so I'd prolly win
She trynna get Derez, I'm really just tired
I told her shut the fuck up, you're prettier silent
Thats not the punchline gang, I'm really a rider
I drop my balls on ya head like Lizzie McGuire
Woooo! These hoes, I D em, I ain't tweetin' hoe- tweetin' hoe
I ain't trynna let you nosy people know- people know
The name is Rezzy, please believe it tho- leave it hoe
She give head and company like CEOs
Whoaaa.. you obviously can't fuck with me
Y'all gon' get the same beat down like a Mustard beat
And I'ma do em like that..
Just to see if they gon' do it right back.. Pussy!

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