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Airplanes (w/ Ahmir)
Bedrock Remix (w/ Illmillion, Tommy C., Lil Crazed, Skip, Dee, Phlip and Trixx)
Call Me Maybe Dirty Parody
Chcolate Rain Remix
Crushin (w/ Michelle Martinez)
First Asian Boy Remix
I Wanna Be A Star (w/ J-Reyez & Maribelle Anes)
Insecure Girls
It Feels Good
Keep Ya Head Up (w/ D-Pryde)
Like a Star (w/ Dizzaholic, Toestah & Wang)
My Fresh (w/ Joanlee)
Perfect Two Remix (w/ Gabby G, Legacy, Price Tag and Chrishan)
Pokemon Theme Song Remix
Rebound (w/ Verseatile)
Say Ahh Remix (w/ JRA, D-Pryde, Lil Crazed & J-Reyez)
Shut It Down (w/ Chris Miles)
Sleazy 3.0 (w/ Lil Crazed & Auburn)
The Valentine Song