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Lil Crazed



Equilibrium - EP (2010)

Lights, Camera, Action
Getting Closer (ft. Metria)
She Wants Me
Take My Hand
Fading Away

Liberation - The Lost Track (2011)

Just My Type (ft. Erika David)
Direction (ft. DJ Sin)
First Aid (ft. Tommy C)
At All
Hands Up (ft. Ben Jamz)
Put It On Ya
Get a Lil Crazed
Remember Me
Fading Away (ft. Michelle Martinez)
Uh Oh
Lost A Fan
I Made It (ft. Ryan Leonard)


A Train Cypher (w/ Jin, J-Reyez, Jargon & Rob Campman)
Ain't Promised Today
Bad Intentions (Remix) (ft. Maribelle Anes)
Bedrock Remix (w/ Illmillion, Traphik, Tommy C., Skip, Dee, Phlip & Trixx)
By Your Side (ft. Krystle Cruz)
Daddy Loves You
Don't Judge Me Remix (w/ Rocky Sandoval)
Dilemma Remix (ft. Erin Paula)
Freedom Remix (ft. J-Reyez & Andrew Garcia)
Girlfriend (w/ Thai, IZ, Tommy C., & J-Reyez)
Hold On, We're Going Home Remix
I Will Remember You (Graduation Song)
I'm Good (w/ Joanlee)
King of The Castle (w/ Tommy C, Trixx, J-Reyez & Jargon)
Lemme See Remix (w/ Mike Musni)
Lovers and Friends (w/ Trixx & Skip)
Make It Happen (w/ My Team Dilemma)
My Moment Remix (ft. Tommy C)
Party All Night (ft. Michelle Martinez)
Re-Introduction (w/ Jason Chen, J-Reyez & Verseatile)
Rise & Fall (w/ My Team Dilemma)
Santa Claus (ft. Tommy C)
Say Ahh Remix (w/ JRA, D-Pryde, J-Reyez & Traphik)
Say Something
Sleazy 3.0 (w/ Traphik & Auburn)
That Real Thing (w/ Paul Kim)
Tick Tock (ft. Andrew Garcia)
To The Million (w/ Johnny Jett)
Wicked Games Remix (ft. Kevin Lien)