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Wake Up Call (2012)

Crew Here (ft. Hangman)
Don't Worry
Have It All
Take The Pain Away (ft. Lydia Paek)
Mad Real (ft. Gamble)

Stolen Riches (2012)

Smile Through It All
My Riches
Ho Tendencies
The Morning
Friend Or Foe
Take The Pain Away (ft. Lydia Paek)
Our Promise
Hold It Down
Crew Here (ft. Hangman)


A Train Cypher (w/ Jin, Jargon, Lil Crazed & Rob Campman)
Bad One (w/ Tommy C, JimmyBoi & Jargon)
Be With You (ft. Dalena Nguyen)
Clique Remix (w/ Lydia Paek)
Clutch (ft. Flash)
Don't Bother Me (ft. JimmyBoi & Thai)
Feelin' Like
Freedom Remix (w/ Lil Crazed & Andrew Garcia)
Fuck With Me You Know I Got It Remix
Girlfriend (w/ Thai, IZ, Tommy C., & Lil Crazed)
Give It All Away (ft. Rob Campman)
Go This Far
Here For The Night (w/ Rob Campman)
I Wanna Be A Star (Traphik & Maribelle Anes)
King of The Castle (w/ Tommy C, Trixx, Lil Crazed & Jargon)
Look To The Sky
Me & My People
My Reason (Tommy C. & Jargon)
Power Trip Remix (w/ Lydia Paek)
Re-Introduction (w/ Jason Chen, Lil Crazed & Verseatile)
Rise To The Top (w/ Tommy C)
Say Ahh Remix (w/ JRA, D-Pryde, Lil Crazed & Traphik)
Stand Out (w/ Jay Park, JimmyBoi & Rob Campman)
Stolen Dreams
The One (ft. Lydia Paek)
The Pain
There For You (ft. Lydia Paek)
This Isn't Who We Are (ft. Jordan Lorenzo)
Thrift Shop Remix
Try Again
Turn It Up
We Made It (Remix)
Wedding Dress (English Version) (w/ Tommy C)
What You Know About Me (ft. JimmyBoi)
Where You At (English Version) (w/ Tommy C)
Work Hard